Friday, October 5, 2012

stop, rewind

I posted this outfit a little while ago with a whole big thing about being overwhelmed, trying to keep up, not answering my emails quickly enough as usual, etc. But honestly whenever I have a "life is sort of crushing me right now" post up, I hate myself for it. It's true that I'm knee-deep in work and errands (and those unanswered emails!) but I also went to the movies with my family last night and had an amazing time. I also have two super exciting projects I'm working on and a Disney trip coming up in 39 days! There's a lot for me to be excited and happy about, and I'd much rather concentrate on that.

Basically I think it comes down to this: I have a natural predisposition towards being cynical. You probably wouldn't get that from this blog, and that's because I make a strong effort to be positive (not just here, but in real life.) Sometimes it's tough, it's like I have some kind of "Debbie Downer" gene (considering the fact that I have a few family members with chronically sour dispositions, I think that's got to be a real thing) and I have to wage an active battle against it. So when I made a conscious decision to post about feeling overwhelmed instead of blogging about the fantastic night I had with my family yesterday, I let myself down.

There is a silver lining to being overwhelmed. Lots of emails to answer means I have a lot of great opportunities awaiting me and friends to correspond with. Being backed up with my laundry means I'm fortunate enough to have clothes to wear. Having too many orders to pack or too many convos to answer means my etsy shop is doing well. I could easily complain (as I did earlier) about being swamped, but I should really be grateful for the work on my plate. And I am, I just need to remind myself of that sometimes :)

Dress - c/o modcloth | Cardigan - old navy | Tights - asos | Shoes - uo | Pin - vintage