Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A giveaway for a good cause! [closed]

Today I have a very special giveaway! Kelsea from Pink Wonderland is offering a $40 gift card to her etsy shop, to help raise awareness for a good cause. I'll let Kelsea take it from here:

"Hi! I'm Kelsea, the blogger over at Pink Wonderland, and I'm excited to be doing this giveaway on Kate's blog today. I'm currently running an event called Help a Heart over on my blog, which means a lot to me. See, my little brother, Corbin, had open heart surgery to fix a hole in his heart when he was just 13 months old and he currently suffers from heart disease. In order to help people like Corbin, I'm donating 100% of the revenue from my Etsy shops to the American Heart Association from now until October 19, the day before I participate in the annual Heart Walk. As a little added incentive for you, I'm offering a rare 25% discount to my Etsy shop! I'll be adding new things over the next few weeks so add my facebook page to keep up! 

 I really hope you can participate! Even if you don't have any money to donate or make purchases, you can help by spreading the word. Check out my Help a Heart page for more details. And in the meantime, enjoy this opportunity to win a gift card to my shop! Thanks for hosting and sharing my event with your readers, Kate."

What you'll win: $40 credit to Kelsea's etsy shop!

How to enter: To enter leave a comment with some way to contact you (twitter, e-mail, your blog.. whatever floats your boat!) Also, you must be a follower of this blog to enter! This is mandatory, too! (And, please, none of this follow-and-leave as soon as the giveaway is over jazz.. that's super rude!)

For additional entries: (leave a separate comment for each entry)
1. Tweet this* "I just entered a giveaway for a good cause on @kategabrielle's blog" (Only counts if you use that exact tweet.)
2. Tweet this* "Let's help a fellow blogger raise money for a good cause!"
3. Pin the giveaway on pinterest
4. Buy something from Kelsea's shop or make a donation, and then leave a comment letting us know that you did it.
5. Share the giveaway on facebook
6. Share Kelsea's donation page on facbeook

This giveaway ends on October 17th at 12:01AM EST. Giveaway is over.

*Your entry will only count if you have an active twitter account. If your account is used solely for entering giveaways, all of your entries in this giveaway will be disqualified. The goal here is to help Kelsea spread the word, so please do not take advantage.

Winner: Comment #31