Monday, October 8, 2012

rain rain go away!

The weather has been rather dreary lately... something that seriously hinders things when you take photos of your outfits every day lol ;p I wore this last Thursday to see Lawrence of Arabia at the movies with my parents. I usually wear dresses every day but for a four hour long movie, I thought something where I didn't have to monitor my sitting position constantly would be more suitable!

I love Lawrence of Arabia, and seeing it on the big screen was absolutely amazing. (Also, can we talk about Peter O'Toole's face? ♥!!) Since they re-released this David Lean epic for its 50th anniversary, I'm hoping and wishing that they'll do the same for Dr. Zhivago in 2015. That's one of my favorite films of all time... I have goosebumps just typing about the IDEA of seeing it at the movies! :)

Anyway, the other bad thing about all this rain is that it's delaying that super huge exciting project I've been talking about. I have pretty much everything ready to go except for photos (so now you know that whatever it is, it involves photos lol) Hopefully the weather will finally cooperate this week and I can spill the beans super soon!!! eep! :D

Sweater- h&m | Shorts - emerging thoughts | Bag - modcloth | Shoes - target