Thursday, October 11, 2012

un deux trois // wardrobe remix

remixed item: peter pan collar dress from asos
outfit 1: cardigan & belt - forever 21 // shoes - from my grandmom
outfit 2: cardigan - h&m // shoes - modcloth // tights - marshalls
outfit 3: cardigan - f21 // lady tie - flapper girl // belt - asos // shoes - dorothy perkins

I didn't really intend on doing another wardrobe remix post again so soon but I'm pretty sick right now and this seemed like a good alternative to any kind of post that would require a) getting dressed and taking photos of myself or b) basically any thought or effort.

I got super sick Sunday night and I've been hanging out on the living room couch ever since. I really haven't felt this wiped out since I had the flu four years ago. Fun stuff. On the bright side, my mom volunteered to watch Jurassic Park with me and Kyle offered to keep me company for an Office marathon so that makes feeling like death a little more palatable.