Tuesday, November 2, 2010

pleasant surprises

Surprises don't happen to me very often, much less pleasant ones. I plan my own birthday parties because I'm always afraid my family would forget to do something for me. I rarely win when I play the lottery, and I hardly ever find an extra bottle of grapefruit juice hiding in the back of the cabinet when rummaging through our pantry in a fit of desperation. And so -- when I do get a surprise -- it tends to make me 10x happier than your average surprised person.

This was the case when I got the mail yesterday. I'd ordered "Don't Look Now" on Amazon in September after seeing the movie & loving it. I purchased the cheapest copy I could find, then sat back patiently and waited for it to arrive.. which it didn't. After a month and a half had passed, I contacted the seller and they shipped me a replacement. Lo and behold when it finally arrived I found that it's the movie copy of the book! My favorite film related thing to collect is movie-tie-in-books. Honestly! And I didn't even know that that's what this was! GAH! I'm so giddy about this it's kind of ridiculous, but really.. what a fantastic surprise! :D