Monday, October 11, 2010

out of my league

We all accept certain people as "out of our league" -- Jude Law and Johnny Depp are, I'd say, decidedly out of mine. But what if by scrimping and saving your pennies, forgoing all unnecessary expenses and cutting back on the food bill for a month I could suddenly find these gorgeous men willing to take me out?

Okay, that's not going to happen. BUT... if I partake of these cost-cutting measures, I could find this out-of-my-league coat on my doorstep. It's a whopping $695, and for someone who's never spent more than $120 on a coat before, that's kind of a lot. Totally out of my league. But I think it's about time I discard some of my cheap-o coats that don't keep me warm and invest in a real coat for once. I have over 20 coats in my closet, and yet only one of them actually keeps me warm. The rest were $25/$30 polyester things from Forever 21 that look nice in November but serve no real purpose once the temperature drops.

And now that I'm moving, I really shouldn't be lugging my giant coat collection overseas with me, right? So, what do you think? Should I save up for this coat? It really is the coat of my dreams. (If you know me, you know I am obsessed with collars, and that collar is TO DIE FOR.)

Just after 23 years of believing that cheap mall clothing is the best I can do, I don't know if I can seriously buy a coat from Bergdorf Goodman (!!) It's sooooo out of my league.