Friday, October 22, 2010

hypatia, sans fur

Hypatia had her fur shaved today. I ordered her a sweater on etsy, and I was planning on letting her go au natural until it arrives in about 2 weeks but now that I see how scrawny she looks sans fur, I'm going to head over to pet smart & get something to hold her over until her sweater arrives. She looks like she'll be so cold when the temperature drops at night!

They left a little bit of fur at the tip of her tail, and all of the fur on her face (which kind of makes her head look about 10x the size of her body in real life) and some at the bottom of her legs like little booties.

She's not quite as intelligent or conniving as Fleshy, but right now her appearance is definitely reminiscent of the hairless cat in my favorite comic, Monty --