Thursday, October 28, 2010

how much do I love thee

Remember this coat? Well, it's MINE ALL MINE! *muahahahahaha* It went on sale 20% off last week so I was able to snatch it up without feeling too guilty about the price. And, miracle of miracles, it fits like a glove! The sleeves feel like they were made for my arms and I can button it up completely without pulling on my hips, something very very rare for me. My only teeny tiny complaint is that it's a bit long, but only by a few inches so I'll either live with it or eventually get it tailored if it bugs me too much. Also the shoulders are a little too big for me, but I'm used to that since I have a hard time finding cute coats in petite sizes ;p

Of course the main attraction is the collar. (THE COLLAR!!) It's beyond gorgeous. You can style it about five different ways, thanks to some hidden buttons. I like it best the way I have it in the photos, but it also looks fantastic worn really wide & open.

It really is amazing to finally have a good coat. You can tell simply from feeling the fabric that it's quality. It's so soft and warm and beautiful, I'm just totally in love!! Now if the temperature would finally drop to something that slightly resembles fall or winter I could start wearing it! ;-D

ps. Outfit photos using my mac photo booth? Who'da thunk it?! Every picture came out nice, and I actually had to narrow them down. Nice change from picking 1 half-bad shot out of 100 miserable ones using my powershot self timer. I think photo booth will be the way to go from now on!