Thursday, October 14, 2010

my best buddy

Hypatia was sick in September and looked a little worse-for-wear, so I didn't really take any pictures of her. She's doing much better now, so it's time for me to go camera crazy again :) She's just so photogenic, and loves staring at the camera when I take pictures!

Her coat suffered a lot while she was sick, so the vet is going to give her a little buzz-cut and start from scratch. I found some waterless cat shampoo at the grocery store, too, so she's going to be a clean, albeit temporarily hairless, cat. I'm thinking of getting her one of those little doggie sweaters since it's getting chilly now. She's loves sleeping under the blankets, and actually lets me cover her up with a throw at night so I think she'll enjoy the extra layer of warmth once she gets her haircut. She's going to look so funny with a giant furry head and skinny hairless body!

By the way, has anyone ever made an international move with cats before? It seems like such a tedious process! In order to sidestep the quarantine process, we apparently have to have them microchipped and then get blood tests 6 months prior to taking them overseas. We decided that if the house sells before the 6 months are up, I'll stay behind and my family can go get started in Wales. I'd really want to be the first one over there, but if Hypatia stays, I stay. We're pretty inseparable.