Monday, March 25, 2019

happy... thursday?

When I was a kid me and my parents used to exchange letters every day (I'd leave one for them when I went to bed and I'd wake up to find a note waiting for me in the morning) and I just started scanning them. I'm making a hard drive filled with family photos and mementos for our safe deposit box just to be on the safe side - with so many stories of websites wiping out cloud storage, websites, photos, etc. I just want to make sure that somewhere I have all of my important photos and documents stored safely.

Anyway! I've been scanning the letters, and it has me feeling so nostalgic - even more so than normal, I should say - for so many things. A lot of them are unattainable now, like, say, reliving my childhood, lol. But some things can still be recaptured, like the act of exchanging notes to begin with. Last week I snuck a note under my parents' bedroom door while they were sleeping that said "Do you want to exchange letters?" With a box for each of them to check YES or NO. They both checked yes (obviously!) and now we have rekindled an old family tradition! If you have anyone in your life who might be open to doing this, I highly recommend it. Now I'm ending my days by sitting down with a pen and paper and writing something fun to people I love, smiling at the thought of them seeing it in the morning. And each day when I wake up there's a note waiting for me, the perfect way to start my day! Last night I left a silly little poem for my parents and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it with you, too --

Oh no! It's Monday
You know what that means
Good luck and good moods
In small smithereens

But today we'll outsmart it
And stay one step ahead
Instead of a Monday,
Let's have a Thursday instead!

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