Thursday, March 10, 2016

no filter

Well this has been an interesting week. On Monday night I noticed a weird shadow on my ceiling, which looked like a little person waving. It was cute, but I thought nothing of it, and then went to sleep. Then Tuesday morning I woke up to a GIANT water stain on the ceiling, soaking wet artwork falling off of my wall and droplets splashing onto the floor. I've had everything covered in tarps all week, since the plumber wasn't able to come out until this morning. It turns out we had two broken pipes and now they are fixed -- and my ceiling has the scars to prove it, lol!

As all this was going on I kind of flashed back to when I started my snapchat account last year. I really wanted to share more day-to-day stuff, kind of give updates when major setbacks occurred (I had a really hard time doing computer work Tuesday - Thursday this week because my computers were situated right under the leak) etc. But I really don't like snapchat. I don't actually like the idea that your photos disappear. I love the time-capsule aspect of social media more than almost anything else. Especially more than the social part, lol! I like scrolling back through my old photos, reading my old facebook updates, seeing who I was with or where I was at two, four, six years ago. I also don't really like that you have to post things right at the moment. I prefer to take a quick photo, keep doing whatever I'm doing, and then upload things to social media during my downtime. So snapchat just isn't for me.

BUT. Now that instagram's update makes it easy to switch between accounts, I decided to start an account for basically everything that would have gone on my snapchat. It's @kategabrielle_nofilter. I already posted some stuff last night to give you an idea of what I'll be sharing there if you want to take a peek.

One of the main gripes I had when I decided to quit blogging in 2014 was that I felt like my life looked too curated, that my own style was a caricature of itself, and that my photos only seemed to inspire commercialism (ie. where can I buy that item?) and nothing else. Even now, I often feel like my cats, my artwork and myself are "in the way" and that most of my followers would rather see whatever bedding or carpet is in the background. And I get that, I often look at photos and feel the same exact way. But even though I'm super in love with my bedroom and studio, and I clearly find pleasure in sharing my outfits, those two things constitute such a tiny, tiny fraction of who I am and what I love.

I always want to share things like what movie I'm watching that night, what book I just finished and everyone NEEDS TO READ IMMEDIATELY, whatever chick-pea-based recipe I'm hooked on at the moment, a low-light photo of one of my cats being devastatingly adorable, work-in-progress shots of projects that aren't quite photogenic yet but I'm simply too excited about them to resist showing photos anyway. So that's what this new account is for. It's called no filter, but tbh I'm still editing the pictures. I usually even brighten photos of my cats before I text them to my mom, I really can't help myself.

I like to think of this as the behind-the-scenes documentary account and my main account is the CinemaScope technicolor movie. I mean, I'm planning on taking outfit photos tomorrow or Saturday and you can bet your buttons that the busted ceiling will not be visible in those shots. But if you read this post/follow my new account, you'll know it's just been cropped out. And I think that's kind of cool?