Friday, October 2, 2015

the martian

I'm going to see The Martian tonight and I am so excited I could burst! I read the book in January and it's one of my favorite books I've read all year. If you're not familiar with the story, it's about an astronaut on a mission to Mars who is abandoned on the planet after his fellow crew members think that he perished in an accident. I read this while I was on vacation in Disney World and I couldn't put it down -- I was actually sitting in the park reading this rather than going on rides. It's that good.

I had already heard that Matt Damon was cast as the titular character before I read the book, so that shaped the image of the character in my mind. I can be very picky about books that I like being made into movies. I still haven't seen any of the Harry Potter films because, with the exception of Ron, none of the actors came close to how I had imagined them while I was reading the story. And I'm putting off watching The Hunger Games as well because Liam Hemsworth looks nothing like the picture of Gale that my brain was conjuring up. But since I was already imagining Matt Damon in this role as I was reading it, I don't have many reservations about seeing this particular favorite book play out on screen.

Oh, and in case it isn't as obvious as I was hoping it would be, I decided to do an outfit interpretation of the book cover today! It's pouring buckets outside so I might have to substitute my heels for rain boots before I leave the house, but I'm pretty happy with my theme dressing on this one. I was originally going to go with a galaxy-print dress but I thought this was a little more specific to The Martian and still kind of subtle :)

dress - asos (I think?) | cardigan and shirt - f21 | shoes - blowfish
belt - h&m | neck tie - asos | book - amazon