Monday, October 5, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween

I just finished adding some Halloween touches to my room! I go overboard at Christmas, but for Halloween it's just some subtle spooky touches here and there to make my room more festive. To be honest 90% of my decorations involve me taping glittery spiders all over the place and putting tiny witch hats on all of my little figurines. At some point I REALLY want to design Halloween costumes for every single Funko Pop vinyl and bobblehead. I think that would be so fun!

My favorite decorations are my zombie flamingo (pictured near the end of this post) and my French poster of The Bride of Frankenstein. I love the idea of switching out that poster for every holiday but, surprisingly, I'm having a really hard time finding a Christmas one that I like. Ideally I'd love a Christmas in Connecticut poster, since that's my favorite holiday movie, but the only reproductions are posters of the DVD cover (like what the heck? why?) and the original posters are WAYYY too expensive.

Oh also I took a giant heap of pictures of my room before I decorated for Halloween, too, and I'm planning on doing a tour post. I had planned on doing it last year before I stopped blogging and obviously never got around to it. I might even do a video tour *gasp!* If you're interested in viewing my old room and my old apartment I have tons of pictures in my room tour tag here.