Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I. Emma Gost

I had a few outfit posts sitting on my memory card, three of which are Halloween themed, so I figured I better start posting them! They ALL came out incredibly dark and grainy somehow (well it's entirely because I'm still a camera novice.. but let's go with "somehow") and kind of greyish-green, but since Halloween is only several days away how about we all pretend that I'm going for a ghoulish look for my photos? ;P

Won't it be fun when I finally get my camera totally figured out and I stop talking about my camera settings all the time? Although, then maybe I'll have absolutely nothing to say?? Maybe I'm like those people who only talk about the weather, except instead of clouds I talk about ISO and f-stops.

Also, I didn't get a closeup picture but my brooch is a headstone that says I. Emma Gost (pun love!) It's available here.