Thursday, July 17, 2014

vacation brain

I have so many exciting trips coming up in the next two months that my brain is already in vacation mode. I just can't wait to be out and about! In about 2 weeks I'll be off to Disney World, then at the end of August my family and I are going to the garlic festival in the Poconos. In late September I'm going back to Disney World for Dapper Day (I started planning my outfit already and I'm so ridiculously excited about it) *and* Kyle asked if I'd want to take a weekend trip to Glacier National Park this fall. Heck, yes! He just got his first job this summer and originally wanted to save up for a truck but he's starting to come around to my way of thinking, that experiences are way more important than tangible items. I obviously love getting dresses but I'd choose a trip over a closet addition any day of the week.

Speaking of closet additions (or I guess subtractions, in this case) I have another shop my closet update coming up soon! I have so many dresses that I've been holding onto for years that I'm really just never going to wear. I've kept them through every shop my closet sale, thinking maybe *someday* I'd wear them. But I just don't. And SO MANY SHOES. I basically live in my bait footwear collection so I don't need the rest, haha. I just need to buckle down and take pictures... probably sometime either by the end of this week or early next week. Stay tuned! :)

dress - c/o oasap | cardigan - forever 21 | shoes - bait footwear
brooch - vintage | scalloped collar - romwe