Thursday, July 3, 2014

christmas in july

I'm having a little christmas in july sale in my flapper doodle shop (50% off any order over $20 if you're interested! Just use code christmasinjuly) Anyway! I was looking for a Christmas-y photo to use on instagram to mention the sale and I stumbled on a bunch of pictures that I took for a Christmas apartment tour last December! I can't believe I never got around to posting these! I wasn't 100% smitten with how I decorated my apartment (kitchen excluded - loved that!) but I really liked how I decorated for the holidays :)

So, this is half a year late but it's Christmas in July so maybe it's right on time? :) Here are some snapshots from my apartment last winter! I think my absolute favorite decoration is the little hat-and-scarf set I put on my Dwight bobblehead. It was actually a wine bottle decoration that I got at the craft store, but it's a perfect fit for the bobblehead! :D