Monday, July 7, 2014

a sunny day

A couple years ago I wore an outfit inspired by a sunny day and I decided to revisit that idea again last week. I think I still like the first one better as an interpretation of a sunny day, but as an outfit I like this better. (If that makes sense?) I love the grouping of vintage enamel pins SO MUCH. I thought it might be kind of crazy looking but I'm in love with how it turned out!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! Usually I end up working through holidays but the last week was SO SLOW in my etsy shop (seriously, I think my store fell off the face of the internet) that I decided to just kick back and relax all weekend, since I didn't have much to do anyway! I hung out in bed with the cats all day yesterday just reading and napping. I finished one book and got about halfway through another one. I need to do a book post again soon, I kind of let that slip a few months ago... I hope I can still remember details from all the books I've read! eek!

dress - asos | hat - c/o paige lavoie | shoes -  bait footwear
sky bow pin - c/o ladybird likes | brooches - vintage