Monday, March 24, 2014

sealed with a kiss

I was watching The Walking Dead last night (no spoilers, promise!) and there were just so many things that crossed my mind while watching it:

- I really love tv. A lot. I just get SO much joy from my favorite tv shows, I wish they were physical objects that I could hug.

- Mad Men is coming back next month!! yay!!

- It's the final season of Mad Men!!! :( :( :(

- I'm SO good at suspension of disbelief. Last night I literally thought to myself that watching this show will come in handy if there ever actually IS a zombie apocalypse because I'll know that stabbing the zombies in the head will kill them. Like as if The Walking Dead has scientifically accurate zombie information or something.

- As much as I love The Walking Dead (and I really, really do) I think I like Talking Dead better. Do you watch it? I am obsessed with Chris Hardwick, for starters. *swoon* And it's just SO fun to hear different theories about the plot, see peeks behind the scenes and (depending on the guests) hear insight from the show-runners and actors.

- I think my dream job would be to do props on a tv set. I'm not going to pursue it because I don't want to live in New York or California and I think that would probably be necessary for that career but it just looks like the best job ever. In Talking Dead last night they showed this tunnel that they created out of wood and it looked exactly like an old deserted concrete train tunnel. I want to be the person who makes wood look like concrete and styrofoam look like rocks.

- Not a spoiler but if you're not super caught up maybe don't keep reading. Chris Hardwick said that the main guest next week after the season finale is going to be Andrew Lincoln. He's never been on the show before... do you think they might kill off Rick? I think it's possible. But I don't want it to happen. 

So those are my tv thoughts. Is anyone watching anything good? Right now the currently-on-air shows that I'm watching are The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Parks & Recreation and Hannibal (And then The Mindy Project and Mad Men when they come back.)

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