Thursday, March 27, 2014

lilac and lemon

I think this might be my favorite outfit so far this year.. I just love how lilac & yellow look together and the bow at the top of this dress is to die for! Unfortunately I picked one of the worst days to take pictures (it was snowing. at the end of March. UGH!) so the picture came out really grainy when I lightened it and I was moving my arm when the photo was captured so it's kind of blurry. Somebody once told me that I shouldn't point out the imperfections in my pictures because I'm usually the only one who would notice, but for some reason I always end up talking about them anyway.

My dad sent me this neat link yesterday to a site that documented every single cultural reference on The Office and grouped them by year. You can literally type in ANY year (it even a drop down menu for BC/AD!) and there is a reference. It's pretty awesome, you can check it out here.

dress - vintage, c/o sunday millie | cardigan - forever 21 | shoes - bait footwear
hat - c/o paige lavoie | belt - asos | wig - minty mix