Tuesday, March 25, 2014

my kind of workout

Mother Nature may not have completely gotten the message that it's spring yet (they're predicting snow for tonight! ahhhh!) but we have had a couple days where going outside for more than a few minutes wasn't lethal. On one of those days a few weeks ago, I ventured over to the park for a good old fashioned workout.

By old fashioned I mean the kind of workout I did as a kid. No treadmills, sit-ups or aerobic videos, just simple play. As a grown up I hate any kind of activity that could be classified under the term "working out." It's not that I hate being active, because I actually love it. I just hate how adults have made staying active so darn boring. I don't want to run on a machine indoors watching a cooking show -- I want to be outside jumping rope. You'd be amazed what a good workout you can get from pumping your legs on a swing set, and I guarantee it's 100x more fun than sitting on an elliptical machine in your basement.

I've been thinking a lot lately about childhood vs. grown up things, and how society expects you to stop doing or liking things when you reach a certain age (what age I'm not exactly sure, but I'm assuming sometime between 10 and whatever age you are now) I just think that's sad. I bet a lot of adults pass by swing sets *wishing* they could hop on and experience some of the weightless joy they knew as a child but don't because they think they're too old.

My grandmom has been an avid swing-set fan since I was a kid and at 76 she still loves it. My mom still plays with legos even though me and my brother have long outgrown our interest in them. And my dad, who came with me to the park to take these pictures, had just as much fun at the playground as I did. Basically what I'm saying is -- you're never too old for anything that you enjoy.

gola sneakers - c/o modcloth | hat - gift from casey
sweater - modcloth | skip it - amazon | jeans & coat - old navy