Friday, August 2, 2013

room tour part 3: my studio

Well this part of my room probably looks pretty familiar lol ;) When I'm not standing awkwardly in front of this wall taking pictures of myself to post here, I use this space for drawing, painting, packing orders, sewing... basically everything that isn't sleeping or computer-related. I have oodles of storage behind the curtains so my table is completely freed up for work.

I got this at K-Mart earlier this year (it was like $7 I think, so worth it!!) but I had no idea what to do with it until I remembered my paint-storage issues. Before this I was keeping my paint under my bed and it was such a hassle to get it out, so I was painting a lot less. I've definitely picked up my brush a lot more often since I found an easily accessible (and cute!) storage option :)

The wall on the left is my Hypatia wall. I'm planning on adding more custom portraits of her over time. I fluctuate between smiling when I look at it and feeling like there is a giant pit in my stomach, but I'm so happy I made this little art grouping. In a way it makes me feel like she's still always in my room.

I love my little hanging pen cups! They're actually planters from IKEA, hanging from a metal bar from the kitchen organization section. One of my favorite things to do at IKEA is look for alternate uses for items. I get a lot of organizational things from the kitchen area, and under my table I have a cabinet from the kid's section (the perfect short height for under my table!)

A few weeks ago I realized I needed a little cart on wheels for the space next to my desk. I looked online for hours before I found a cart on etsy that looked really similar to this one -- and then I remembered that I already had it in the basement! Is there anything better than looking for something and then realizing you already have it?! :)

The shelving unit on my floor used to be on my wall but was re-redistricted when I got my new tv. I actually like it better here! That used to be completely unused space and now it's totally functional. Well, if you can call "displaying Office bobble head dolls" functional ;)

The carrot pillow (from Ikea) keeps my door from knocking into the shelf when it opens.

I use the extra purses hanging behind my door to store things when they aren't in use! The pretty floral bag was a handmade (HANDMADE!) present from Casey a few years ago.

I've had the wooden "Kate" in my room for as long as I can remember. I use floral glass cups (another Ikea purchase) to store my business cards for when I'm packing orders. They're the perfect size!

I got the Mary Poppins ornament in Disney World last year. We shipped all of our souvenirs home rather than take them on the plane and this one was broken when I opened the box :( Her head and umbrella and one hand had snapped off. I glued her back together though and you can barely tell there was any damage -- but I still think I might consider snatching up another one on my next trip, if it's still available.

I like having a color wheel around when I paint since I don't feel like I have a really good eye for matching colors and somehow that helps. The postcard is Pam's painting from The Office!! It came in this kit (which also includes the world's best boss mug!)

I had to squeeze Arrietty in here somewhere..