Wednesday, July 24, 2013

treasure hunt

I've been searching for some items for my closet for years -- the perfect black and white striped dress, the perfect sleeveless black dress (which I have yet to find, strangely enough), a white Roxy purse with strawberries on it that I had in middle school, a full-length pink quilted robe with a peter pan collar (some of these items are super specific), transparent knee-high rain boots... just to name a few. Two of the items I've been looking for have been found and they're in this outfit!

The white bell-sleeved lace blouse was on my list for a while. I was obsessed with bell-sleeves in high school, probably because I went through a bit of a Shakespeare phase and thought they looked kind of Romeo and Juliet-ish (even though it's probably more 1970's than 1300's.) I finally found this one on etsy, from a vintage shop in Riga, Latvia! I thought that was pretty cool because my dad's grandmother was born there :)

Non-leather tan loafers have been on my list for about a year or so. I'm not actually sure what caused my obsessive compulsion to own them, but I've been skimming new listings on all my favorite shopping sites for them like my life depended on it. And then I saw these cuties from Le Bunny Bleu and all was right with the world. Who needs tan loafers when you can have PINK?! Right?!

dress (which I now realize is a wee bit too short!) - h&m | blouse - vintage
tights - target | loafers - c/o le bunny bleu | necklace - handmade