Friday, July 5, 2013

mid-year resolution

Today is the day that I finally get caught up on my emails. Or at least start to. It might take more than one day...

For the last few years, staying on top of my emails has been my #1 new years resolution (ambitious, I know) and every year I've failed miserably. I have a tendency to flag emails that I need to reply to, and then I completely forget to reply. Sometimes for weeks, sometimes for months. I'm kind of like an absent-minded professor except without the professor part. Honestly I am quite the unorganized mess. I'm one of those people who runs out to Old Navy to buy pajamas because all of mine are dirty and I forgot to do my laundry (I say "one of those people" because I'm hoping desperately that it's not just me...)

Anyway, today is the day that I am tackling my inbox. I have unanswered emails going as far back as February. YIKES. I shouldn't even be allowed to have an email account. I'm pretty sure everyone waiting for a reply must hate me by now but I'm going to write back nonetheless. I got caught up on everything else on my to do list (um, except for laundry... oops) so my schedule is cleared for emailing. LOTS of emailing.

When I'm all caught up (assuming that's even possible) I'm going to sort my inbox and start making folders. And then I'm going to set aside a certain time to reply to messages every single day. As soon as I start putting it off for one day, it'll turn into weeks and months again.  I know there are a lot of online tools for organizing your inbox, but I think for me it just comes down to willpower and making myself reply to every message within 24 hours of receiving it. As soon as I start putting things off, I never get around to doing them.

All this to say -- if you've been waiting to hear back from me:  a) I'm really sorry, and b) you should be getting a reply before Monday. If you don't hear back it probably means I never got your message to begin with because I'm literally replying to EVERYTHING :)