Monday, July 22, 2013

long sleeves in the summertime

I've had a few comments lately asking how I could wear long sleeves or tights or sweaters in the middle of summer. Well, the answer is simple -- I spend about 99% of my time in air conditioning. I wake up in a cool house, work in a cool room, shop in freezing cold grocery stores and visit chilly restaurants. Except for the five minute walk to-and-from the car I'm usually in a completely climate controlled universe. I do go outside now and then (I do love the beach!) and in those instances I can assure you, I don't wear heavy sweaters or tons of layers. I'm not desensitized to heat, if anything I'm too sensitive to it and can't stand to be outside! So hopefully that will clear up any mystery as to why I seem to dress for winter in July, haha!

Anyway, how cute is this dress? It's from Heavenly Couture, where everything is (I am not kidding) $16 or under. This perfectly scalloped little number is exactly $16, not bad for one of the sweetest frocks I've ever seen ;) You can tell I must like it because I'm also wearing a really goofy smile.

dress- c/o heavenly couture | shoes and blouse - forever 21 | black tie - asos