Wednesday, November 7, 2012

wishlist wednesday: the prettiest dress ever


It's been listed as "coming soon" on modcloth for what seems like months, and I've been eagerly checking the new items page hoping it would appear in time for me to order before my birthday. Because, clearly, this is a birthday dress if there ever was one, right? Well, I seem to be in fate's good graces at the moment because it was listed for sale today, just in time for me to order it (albeit with an express shipping upgrade) JUST in time for it to still be my birthday dress! Yippee!!!!! :D (If you're equally enamored, it's available on modcloth here!)

ps. I'm sort of overdoing it with drawing hearts on things this week, but my broken tablet miraculously started working again last weekend and I've been eagerly overusing it ever since :)