Saturday, November 17, 2012

such a wholesome place

One of the highlights of the trip so far was finding out that our hotel was 101 Dalmatians-themed! We're staying at the All Star Movies resort, and you're assigned to one of 5 different movie themed sections. I wanted this one SO badly, but I didn't find out that we had it until we checked in. They have two massive Pongo and Perdita statues in front of each building, and some of the walls are painted with dalmatian spots. It's my favorite Disney movie so I'm basically in heaven.

Also, yesterday I had the best meal of the trip. I know I said this in my last post, but really this trip is all about the food. I was flipping though the photos on my phone last night and noticed like 99% of them are pictures of my meals, lol! But anyway, yesterday we ate lunch at Seasons in Epcot and they had vegan orange sesame chik'n. I almost died when I saw it on the menu... a lot of the counter service restaurants here have a limited selection for vegetarians (lots of veggie burgers and PB&J sandwiches) so this was quite a treat! And it was absolutely delicious. I'm going back today, and basically as often as possible while I'm here! 

Well we're heading out for another magical day! Be back soon :)

Shirt and backpack - h&m | Sneakers and shorts - asos | Tights - target
Cardigan - forever 21 | Sweater clips - sweet and lovely