Friday, November 2, 2012

sweet and lovely update!

It's time for my first ever sweet and lovely shop update! eep!

First of all, the rainbow sweater clips are back in stock. yay! Also all of the orders placed over the last two weeks have been shipped, but if you haven't received yours please don't e-mail me just yet. I'm in New Jersey and our post offices are still recuperating from the storm. USPS is pretty slow to begin with, and this is making them even slower. I really appreciate your patience :)

Okay, now on to the shop update! First up is a new sweater clip set with cookies and milk (can I get an "awww!!"?) I made these with clay and then hand-painted them. They're connected with a double chain of silver plated metal and they're available right here!

Next up are some friendly little tooth sweater clips. You know me with dressing for the occasion.. I totally kept a pair of these for myself, and I'm wearing them to my next dentist appointment. Of course! ;D They're also connected with a double chain and they're available here.

Last but not least, the pink bow clips are now available in purple! I'm on such a purple kick lately (I even just bought myself a purple Christmas tree yesterday! I'll have to post pictures because it's literally the prettiest tree I've ever laid eyes on.) and I couldn't resist making these in lilac. These clips are a little different from the rest. The other sweater clips have pin-backs, and these have alligator clips so they attach to the edge of your cardigan. The clips are too big for me to use on all of the other sweater clip sets, but I love how they work with these! All future sets of the pink bow clips will have this new back too :) They're available here!