Monday, October 15, 2012


Still sick.

Last Monday I went to a walk-in health center since my doctor was booked, and they gave me some medicine, did some tests and sent me home. I've just been getting worse ever since. Now I have this dry cough and tight chest that's so bad I gave up talking yesterday morning, partially because it made me start coughing uncontrollably and partially because nobody could understand what I was trying to say anyway. I think I bruised a rib or pulled a muscle from coughing so much. The only time I feel ok is when I'm sleeping so I've been trying to do that as much as possible.

Normally when I'm sick I still try to stay on top of things but this time I honestly don't care. I obviously have an obligation to answer my etsy messages and send out orders, and I'm doing that (with help from my fantastic brother & mom) but I'm just letting everything else go this time. Ironically, my etsy shop is actually having the worst month in over a year so there isn't actually that much work to do (of course the downside to this is that it's making it harder to pay for the medical bills I'm slowly racking up. this week I am really wishing I had a regular job where I could call in sick and still have a reliable income to pay for prescriptions and tests and doctor co-pays.)

Sorry I'm being so mopey... I'm just so sick of being sick. And I had so many fun projects to work on and exciting things to share here that have to be put on the back burner for now. And my Disney trip is coming up in less than a month... I'm so worried I won't be back to normal by then. I have a history of things that seem like colds turning into huge medical ordeals that last for months, so I'm just nervous this is going in that direction...

Anyway. I have an appointment with my regular doctor tomorrow afternoon so hopefully she'll give me some good news and I'll be on the road to recovery lickety split. I'm not going to post here until I'm feeling ship-shape again, but hopefully that will be very soon. xo

ps. I'm going to extend all the current sponsor spots by one week, since I don't really think it's fair to pay for ad space while I'm either absent or just moaning about being sick..