Thursday, October 25, 2012

pastel bows

It's so nice to finally be able to wear sweet and lovely items in outfit posts now that my store is open :) I've been wearing these particular sweater clips a lot.. I think they're such a simple way to add just the right touch of sweetness to an outfit. And since they have pin-backs you can actually clip them to your collar (like I did here) instead of just being limited to wearing them on a sweater.

I've been having a sort of crummy week again (I think it's safe to say this October was pretty wretched overall) but I looked at my countdown to Disney calendar and noticed I only have 19 days to go! That put a little skip in my step this morning :) I think as soon as I get back I'll have to book another trip immediately because quite frankly, having vacations to look forward to seems to be a necessary part of my mental well being these days.

Dress - modcloth | Cardigan - old navy | Shoes - c/o bait | Bow clips - sweet and lovely