Sunday, July 25, 2010

short and pudgy

Dress- F21
Tights- H&M
Cardidgan- F21
Belt- Old Navy
Bag- UO
Shoes- Target

So... I've decided to do outfit posts every now and then. The main reason is that I desperately want to be comfortable in my own skin, and I think this will help. I eat super healthy and I exercise, and yet I am perpetually about 15 pounds overweight... so I think I need to just get used to what I see in the mirror and learn to love it. I think that posting outfit photos, and putting myself out there will help me to do that. Also, I think there's a serious shortage of short and pudgy girls posting outfit photos, so I want to help fill that void :)

A couple things you should know about me:

1. As you can tell by the fact that I placed a red oval over my face, I also have some insecurities in that area as well. I'm hoping these posts will help me overcome this hurdle too.

2. I don't have designer clothes, so what you should expect here are "how to look not-half-bad wearing cheap clothes from Old Navy and Forever 21 while being short and pudgy" posts ;-D

3. While I don't want people leaving comments saying I'm fat (seriously, that will be just plain mean) I also don't want people trying to be nice and saying I'm not pudgy. I know I am, so let's leave it at that, shall we?

4. I do not get out often, so my room will be the backdrop 99.9% of the time.

5. If you can't tell already, these will probably be really boring posts (I don't get out often, I don't wear designer clothes.. blah blah blah...) but just bear with me :-)