Thursday, July 1, 2010

my room

It's been one year since I redecorated my room (before/after picture here) and I still love it just as much as I did last July. Ever since I was like six, I've always been changing things around on an annual basis -- moving furniture or repainting the walls or getting new bedding -- but this year I really didn't need to change anything because I love it the way it is. I did add a couch for a few months, but then I realized it was blocking my A/C vent. It's now camping out in the basement until autumn rolls around.

Our new goal is to be out of the house by Christmas, but with the way the housing market looks I have my doubts that we can unload our house by then :-\ Anyway, I have my paint chips saved, because when we do move I'm going to paint it exactly the same colors. We're going to be getting rid of most of our furniture (including my beloved bed) but I'm hoping I can re-create the look accurately if I refer to the million pictures I've been taking :)

ps. expect me to be posting a lot of pictures of my house, and things from when I was little soon. I want to be able to come to this blog after I've moved and look at the rooms I'm sure I'll miss, and the toys from my childhood that we couldn't bring with us...