Monday, March 4, 2019

what's it all about

I just rewatched Alfie yesterday (the Jude Law version) and honestly it's such a sad story but I enjoy it so much. It's the first movie I ever saw by myself in a theater. I was 17 and I was so nervous about going alone, but I can remember how excited I was when I finally got settled in my seat and the lights dimmed and it was just me and Jude Law breaking the 4th wall and speaking directly at the audience. He might be the only person that I've ever made eye contact with without reflexively, awkwardly looking away (that's either very funny or very pathetic or maybe both, ha!)

If you want to feel like Jude Law is talking to you, I highly recommend this movie. It's definitely not the best film ever made and Jude Law's character is actually a first class heel, but he's such a pretty first class heel! I went a little crazy making gifs from the movie yesterday (because I am a 32 year old teenager apparently) and you can check them out on my giphy page here.

shirt - forever 21 (old) | sweater - amazon
shoes - bait footwear | skirt - lazy oaf (old)