Friday, March 8, 2019

ribbons and bows

The hair bow is back! I used to love wearing my hair this way like (I was going to say a couple years ago and then I realized it's more like SEVERAL years ago??? Time is going too fast!!) six or seven years ago. It's the style I wore in my old license picture and I'm pretty sure it's the style I'm going to wear when I get it renewed in November. Yay for extensions and for having kind-of-long hair so I can do things like this with it again!!

It's so funny though, when I was editing this photo I had a flashback to a comment I got in 2011 that stuck in my head all these years. It said "for the love of god can you get another hair bow? another color? some variety? repetition is a form of torture." Obviously I got way too many comments like that one (usually much worse) and it's why this has sadly been a comment-free blog since 2014. That comment never actually got under my skin the way a lot of comments did, but I just remember being so bewildered by this person who was clearly so tormented by my hair accessories?! Like, just stop reading my blog then? lol! Anyway. I'm sure that reader left a long time ago (probably after they left that last exasperated comment) but I almost feel a defiant pride in bringing back the hair bow. Torturous repetition, be damned.

dress - modcloth (old) | sweater - amazon
shoes - bait footwear | brooch - stoic & pariah