Thursday, March 21, 2019

on brand

I didn't realize until I started typing up this post that I'm wearing my blog/website colors! lol! Orange and pink has slowly been taking over my bedroom too (well, mostly pink with some orange thrown in for good measure) I think it might be my favorite color combination at the moment.

I caught a cold or something last weekend that I'm trying to get over, but I'm going to attempt to record another video this afternoon anyway. I'll probably sound terrible with a stuffy nose and sore throat but I have this pattern of getting sick *every single time* I've decided to start recording videos on a regular basis, and I'm determined to power through it this time. I suspect my body might just be THAT anxious about being on camera that it's sabotaging my plans, but I'm not going to let it win this time. (Sidenote - does anyone else talk about their body like it's a separate entity? Maybe I should save that for another blog post or video, ha!)