my funny valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! As a chronically single girl, Valentine's Day used to make me sad. I obviously loved all the pink and hearts everywhere (I'm not made of stone!) but there would always be a little pit of sadness in my stomach, and I'd fantasize about all the things I *could* be doing that day if only I had a special someone. But now that I'm in my 30's and totally accepting of my spinsterhood, it isn't bothering me quite as much anymore.

In fact I actually feel like I've become more of a romantic as I've gotten older and old-maid-er! As the years pass and further solidify my standing as a bachelor girl, I find myself even more drawn to movies about love and cute silly-rom-coms, and I find myself awwww-ing over goofy social media stories like guys who feed their girlfriends chicken nuggets while they get their nails done. I've become a big old softy! But it's all without any hope of living that kind of life myself. I think of it this way -- I would *love* to go to Mars, but that's not going to happen. That doesn't stop me from watching and enjoying The Martian. So I'm applying that same attitude to movies and stories about love.

So today I'll be watching some super sappy movies, cuddling with my #1 love (in true spinster fashion, I am totally talking about my cat) and eating candy. And feeling pretty happy.