Wednesday, February 7, 2018

heart happy

I am heart happy in so many ways right now! Valentine's Day is next week so I'm obsessed with wearing every single heart-shaped, heart-print, or heart-themed item that I own. But I'm also heart happy because my latest follow-up blood work came back normal!!

Since the last time I blogged about my health issues, I had lab work that showed my hemoglobin count had dropped even more since I was discharged from the hospital (hemoglobins are what transport the oxygen in your blood, so when they're low it means your heart has to work harder.) My doctor gave me two more weeks to see if I improved, and in the mean time I had to make an appointment with a hematologist (blood doctor) to get another iron infusion. I just got my lab results back from the second follow-up yesterday and hemoglobins are NORMAL! Just barely, but it counts! :D I still have to see the hematologist to make sure everything is on the right track and figure out how to maintain the progress I've made, but hopefully I won't have to get the iron iv (fingers crossed!)

And the best part of getting better? I got to eat pizza again last week!! FINALLY!! Okay, the best part of getting better is the "not being deathly ill" part, for sure, but pizza is soooo close ;)

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