Monday, December 16, 2013

oh my love, my darling

If you ever look at the outfit details on my outfit posts, you know that pretty much my entire shoe collection is from bait footwear. I just love their shoes SO much! They have the prettiest, most unique styles in the most beautiful array of colors! They just released my favorite style (Ida) in a bunch of new colors (look at those hot pink ones!!!!) and some new styles that are definitely going to become new favorites, like that coral one with the fan detail at the top. Swoon!

Last Thursday I went to New York and I think walking around in the freezing cold for way too long (I swear every single solitary cab was occupied the whole time we were there) did a number on my immune system, because boy am I sick. Right now the only thing I want for Christmas is to feel better. And maybe some new shoes, too.