Tuesday, December 3, 2013

mirror mirror on the wall

I finally have a full-length mirror in my apartment, yay! I don't think I ever realized how crucial it was to getting dressed until I had to go almost a month without one. I kept getting dressed thinking I looked totally spiffy, then I'd go out and practically shudder if I caught a glimpse of my reflection. There's really something to be said for the art of trying things on, taking things off and fiddling with accessories until you feel like it's *just right.* I wasn't aware of how much I refine each outfit until I started noticing how absolutely horrible they looked without any refining at all, lol!

Anyway! Things are finally starting to come together at my apartment -- mirrors and more. Most of my furniture is arranged to my satisfaction (it took a while!) and I haven't one blank wall left in the place, which, to me at least, means it's starting to feel like home. I have a few things left to tweak before I'll be ready to start doing an apartment tour but I'm SO close! If nothing else I think I'll have to share my Christmas decorations soon just because I'm so smitten with them :)

dress- asos | tights - we love colors | shoes - c/o bait footwear
brooch - c/o sugar cookie | belt - from another dress