Thursday, June 27, 2013

worth it.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I got to stay with one of my best friends, Sarah. We've actually known each other for almost five years but didn't get to meet in person until this week! I had SO much fun with her and her family, it definitely made my bout of homesickness worth it. I think getting to meet the three other friends in our little BFF group (Casey, Millie and Nicola) is my incentive for following through on my road trip :) Next year we're all going to meet up together for the TCM Film Festival in California and I can't wait!! :D

Sarah and her family showed me and Kyle around Buffalo and we had a blast! I was so sad when it was time to leave! I wish Buffalo wasn't so far away from where I live or I'd visit like every weekend if they'd have me! Really though, they were so welcoming (and awesome!!) and helped me feel a lot less homesick :)

Today we're back in Syracuse again, and then I think we're going to head for either Vermont or New Hampshire. We're definitely winging it lol

ps. On Tuesday morning we did the Maid of the Mist! Kyle has the photos on his phone still but when I finally get them on my computer I'll post some. I'm going to be very stingy with my use of the word "epic" now that I've been on that boat. Seriously, nothing else comes even close to that amount of epicness.

dress- c/o tulle | shoes - asos | bag - c/o wet seal