Tuesday, March 26, 2013

arrietty's first outfit post

This was my first time taking outfit pictures with Arrietty in the room and to say she was curious would be quite the understatement! "Why is that thing beeping? Why are you standing there? Why aren't you wearing pajamas?!"

I love having my cats wander into my pictures though so I hope she stays this curious for a while :) When I first got Hubble he used to be SO interested in my outfit pictures, I couldn't keep him away, but then after a few weeks he just completely lost interest. Speaking of Hubble, he hasn't actually meet Arrietty yet (she's recovering from an illness and can't share a litter box with the other cats until mid-April, so she's staying in my bedroom) but they keep playing with their paws under my door. It's so adorable! Chloe hasn't even noticed (or doesn't care) that we have a new cat in the house. She sniffed Arrietty's carrier once and then continued over to her food bowl, completely uninterested.

shoes - vintage | dress- c/o dahlia