Friday, September 17, 2010

sidewalk chalk

Along with playing with barbies, doodling, make believe and dancing, my favorite childhood activity was drawing with sidewalk chalk. My mom used to always tell me and my brother that she was her happiest when our driveway was a rainbow of chalky green, pink, blue and yellow. So today -- since she's been a little blue lately -- we rummaged through the garage and managed to find some old sticks leftover from our long lost youth, and covered the entire driveway with color! I drew a giant flower and Kyle wrote "nachos" (although you probably could have guessed who did which without me spelling it out for you..) Not only did this significantly brighten my mom's mood when she pulled up to the house this afternoon, but it brightened mine as well! I really enjoyed myself (and I think Kyle did too, even if he's a stubborn teenager who won't admit having fun chalking up a driveway with his sister..) and I almost can't wait for it to rain so that I can start all over again from scratch :-)