Thursday, September 9, 2010

a perfect day

I recently won a giveaway on Classic Forever for two tickets to see The 39 Steps in New York City. The 39 Steps is my parents' all time favorite movie ever, and they'd been dying to see the show so they were overjoyed when I won the contest!! We went into the city yesterday and made a day of it while we were there.

It all started off terribly. We left the house two hours later then we had planned, and when we finally caught our train it seemed to be moving at 2 mph. It was the slowest train I've ever been on, ever. But once we made it to New York everything improved and we ended up having an absolutely lovely day!

While my parents were in the show, me and my brother went to Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Lego store and the New York Public Library (which, by the way, is the most awe-inspiring building I think I've ever set foot in!) Along the way I snapped pictures of Radio City Music Hall and St. Patricks Cathedral, too. My mom & dad had a ball at the show, and they're both writing guest posts about the experience for my classic film blog, Silents & Talkies.

A day in New York wouldn't be complete without a little shopping, you know. So we stopped at H&M where I picked up the most perfectly-fitting dress I've ever slipped on (pictures soon) and a faux leopard winter coat that looks straight out of the 1960's. I died when I tried it on, it's so marvelous. And my mom bought me some early birthday presents -- white tights with black hearts (adorable!), striped leggings, an Oriental style black shirt, some headbands and a belt. And while on the subject of spending money, I got the most scrumptious frozen hot chocolate drink at a cafe off of 5th avenue. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever tasted. I'm recipe hunting online today so I can attempt to make one at home...

We planned to finish the day at the Olive Garden near our home, but because every single solitary taxi cab was occupied last night (or at least it seemed that way) we didn't end up catching a train back home until 8:30pm, which meant we didn't pull into our station until almost quarter to 10! My mom called the Olive Garden from the train and told the manager how desperately we were looking forward to eating there, and asked if they'd still serve us if we arrived close to closing time. We ended up getting there - no kidding - at 9:56pm, four minutes before closing. And they still served us! Our waitress was the sweetest person ever, the food was out of this world and I got a delicious vanilla Italian soda. It was the perfect end to a perfect day! :)