Thursday, September 2, 2010

my little black dress

dress - charlotte russe (new)
shoes - charlotte russe (really old)

I obviously never learned the lesson of saving my money, because with practically nothing in the bank, my wallet or the pantry, I purchased this dress. I'm rationalizing the purchase, though, because I've never had a "little black dress" and I've always wanted one. A dress that works perfectly in every situation, fits like a glove and hangs proudly in my closet as a reminder that I think I look good in at least one dress I own.

When I saw it online last week, I really just *had* to get it. It has the most darling sweetheart neckline, which (I think) is not only the prettiest neckline there is, but is the one that accentuates my figure the best. And the come-in-at-the-waist-flare-out-at-the-hip shape is my favorite. It makes me feel slimmer and not as body conscious as pencil-shaped dresses do. Best of all, it's cotton! Except for sweaters, coats and tights, all of my clothes are cotton and sometimes having that prerequisite makes it harder to find clothes I'll wear, especially pretty dresses.

So, to sum up, this is the absolute perfect dress in the universe, and I will not apologize for spending this week's food budget on it ;-)

ps. Please excuse the strange hair-do. This dress came in the mail today and I wanted to take pictures regardless of the fact that my hair is in an un-straightened mess on the top of my head :)