Thursday, May 24, 2018

flower power

I am such a sucker for daisy stuff. I chalk it up to either my 90's upbringing or the fact that it's my Grandmom's favorite flower. But I can't resist anything that's daisy shaped, daisy print, or, well, actual daisies. I have a few little pots of them (fake ones, but still) sprinkled around the house.

Anyway, I'm just obsessed with the print on this dress. It's also available as a bathing suit and I'm SO tempted! I've been wearing black bathing suits layered under dresses or opaque cover-ups for like ten years now but I think I'm beginning to experience that thing that everyone says happens when you hit your thirties -- I honestly do not care what other people think about how I look. I think this is the year I finally just go in the ocean without hiding my body under multiple layers. It's crazy to think how long I've gone without feeling the sun on my thighs or feeling warm ocean waves on my stomach, all because I'm so hung up on what other people think of my cellulite or jiggly arms. Not anymore!

dress - c/o modcloth | sweater - old navy | shoes - bait footwear