Friday, June 9, 2017

finally spring

I think today is the first day that's REALLY felt like spring/almost summer. Yesterday I was sitting outside in a sweatshirt and got too cold to stay out there... and it was like 3pm @_@

Tomorrow I'm going to see The Killers in concert and I'm so excited! They posted a super short sneak peek of one of their new songs on facebook today and I'm hoping SO badly that they'll play the full song tomorrow. I saw them at the same venue last July and before they left they said that hopefully they'd have new material for us this year, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it happens. Even if not though, I'm obsessed with all of their existing songs so I'll be pretty happy with the setlist no matter what :D

Also can I just say how much I love that having pink hair again means that I can wear pink accessories with basically any outfit and it matches? There's no pink in this dress but the shoes match because of my hair, right? I love it.

dress - modcloth (old) | shoes - bait footwear