Sunday, November 22, 2015

winter mood

First of all, this picture of Claudia Cardinale is HAIR GOALS x 1000. I mean, seriously, this hair might be all I've ever wanted in life. I'm actually kind of close to achieving it (!!) so I might do a tutorial. I'm in the process of growing out my bangs so it doesn't look exactly like hers yet but I'm working on it. THAT DAY WILL SOON COME.

Anyway. This is just a little post of pictures I've been accumulating on my computer that are inspiring my winter wardrobe and hair/makeup. Right now I'm really into darker colors, a late 60's/early 70's aesthetic with a little bit of edgy 90's thrown in for good measure; heavy eye makeup and nude lips. And bell sleeves, always. I really need to start taking more outfit posts because I've been VERY happy with a lot of my outfits lately. It's just such a hassle to take them in like the only five minutes in the early afternoon when the lighting doesn't actually suck. I've had the same issue with product photos, I swear I have the cutest batch of little Christmas brooches that have been ready to go since October but I keep missing the time of day when you could actually see them without turning on all of the lights in the house :\

So somehow this turned into yet another post complaining about lighting, blerg. Okay, here are the pictures!

60's hair and makeup + middle ages armor and chain maille? YES PLEASE.