Sunday, November 1, 2015

where are these mangoes?

For Halloween I dressed up as my favorite clone from Orphan Black, Helena! I went with her season 1 look -- black pants, a white shirt, boots, and a dark green hooded parka -- but I had to include Pupok, too! According to the creators of the show Pupok has been a part of Helena's life since she was a child so even though we don't see the scorpion until this past season it was probably keeping Helena company in season 1 too.

I really wanted to do the bloody white wedding dress look but I couldn't find any cheap dresses that would do the trick. This is probably way more functional, anyway, since I'll definitely wear the jacket and white shirt in daily life (the pants and boots were already in my closet) The wig won't come in handy again unless I get to cosplay at some point (fingers crossed) btw if you're interested in dressing up as Helena at some point, this is just a curly blonde wig that I teased and I colored the roots in with a black sharpie!

And a Helena costume wouldn't be complete unless I was stuffing my mouth full of food, right? Behold - the least flattering photo of me in existence. If Tatiana can do it for her art, I can do it for Halloween ;D