Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shop my closet update

I haven't done a closet sale in over a year, for obvious reasons, so I have accumulated a ton of stuff that needs to go. This picture is maybe 1/3 of what I'm selling, it's seriously a lot. Mostly dresses with some purses, a few shoes and even a pair of cat earmuffs* thrown in for good measure.

I'll be doing the shop my closet sale on instagram tomorrow at @scathinglybrilliantcloset. I'll be posting an exact time on instagram (I'll post it on the closet sale account and my main account, @kategabrielle) a few hours beforehand (as well as some rules for how the sale will work, shipping prices, etc.) to give everyone a head's up. I will be shipping internationally so if you're not in the US feel free to follow!

*These are earmuffs that look like cats, not earmuffs that you put on your cat's head, just to clarify ;)