Monday, June 16, 2014

tiptoe through the tulips

Yesterday we went to the flea market and out for brunch for Father's Day. At the flea market I spotted this amazing mural and, despite having a kind of blah outfit on and not being an outdoor-outfit-picture kind of person, I felt absolutely COMPELLED to take photos. Isn't it just perfect?

This is my go-to outfit when I'm not in a dress mood. I'm still not much of a jeans-wearer. I wear them occasionally but I don't find them as comfy as they're supposed to be! I really prefer shorts and tights. So for a day like yesterday -- outdoor shopping, lots of wind, and rolling out of bed a few minutes before it was time to leave (oops!) -- I threw on my lazy uniform: shorts, tights, a light sweater and flats. I also got these new sunglasses recently from ASOS and I love them! I realized most of the ones I own have lightly tinted lenses and aren't really great on super sunny days or days when I want to avoid eye contact, lol. These are dark enough to take care of those problems plus they feel kind of movie-star-ish, which is always a plus! :)

scalloped shorts - asos | sweater - h&m | scalloped bag - asos
shoes - blowfish | sunglasses - asos | tights - target