Monday, June 2, 2014

in the background

I thought I'd switch things up a little and take outfit pictures in other parts of my room. This is right between my office area & bedroom area. I really love taking my pictures indoors. I don't have to worry about strangers looking at me (although my cats do give me strange looks..) and I automatically have a background that matches how I dress. Sometimes I can really see the appeal behind finding a plain blank wall somewhere in town and keeping the focus on the outfit, though. Especially on instagram, sometimes I end up feeling like I'm just getting in the way of people looking at the walls behind me.

Now let's talk about the dress, shall we? Isn't it amazing? It's vintage, from Neon Threads Designs. I've had good luck with their shop; this is my second purchase (this was the first) and I'm equally thrilled with both. The print is absolutely epic and it fits me perfectly! :) I've been finding some really great vintage pieces on etsy lately, I just wish I had the budget to buy them all! I was stalking this stupendous 60's space-age-ish dress and I was absolutely crushed to see it sold recently. Look at those sleeves! I kept thinking it would have been perfect if I was ever invited to a space-themed New Year's Eve party.

dress- vintage from Neon Threads Design | shoes - modcloth